2024 COFLT Spring Workshops

COFLT is excited to offer in-person Spring Workshops!

It's a chance to receive PDUs, network, and learn from each other! 

When: Saturday, March 2, 2024

Where: 3rd floor in Fariborz Maseeh Hall (FMH) at Portland State University in downtown Portland, Oregon.

(Please enter the building from the Parks Block entrance.)

*Session details below

    Workshop Registration Fees:

    • Registration fee includes participation in two workshops, coffee, pastries, and cookies during registration and breaks. Lunch is not included, but there are a variety of food choices at the PSU Farmers Market!

    • $55 COFLT/PNCFL member
    • $30 COFLT board member
    • $0 COFLT student
    • $20 COFLT retired teacher
    • $120 non-members (reminder, COFLT membership is only $50 and includes other perks. Become a member today!)

    COFLT 2023-24 Membership (Active thru Aug 31, 2024): 

    • $50 regular
    • $25 student/retired 

    Conference Address:

    1855 SW Broadway

    Portland, OR 97201

    Public Transportation and Parking

    Cancellation procedure
    If you need to cancel your conference registration, please send an e-mail to coflttreasurer@gmail.com and we will process your refund.  You will be charged a $15 cancellation processing fee per transaction.


      Saturday, March 2

      • 8:00-8:45 a.m. Registration, coffee & pastries Oyatsupan (Japanese bakery) & St. Honore (French bakery) (We're asking participants to bring their own mug or tumbler in order to minimize landfill waste. Thank you!)
      • 8:45-8:55 a.m. Greetings & Announcements
      • 9:00-11:50 a.m. Morning Sessions
      • 12:00-12:50 p.m. Lunch on your own (various food choices at the PSU Farmers Market)
      • 1:00- 3:50 p.m. Afternoon Sessions

        PDU & Graduate Credit

        • Professional Development Units (PDU) will be available for these workshops.
        • 1 graduate credit will be also available from Portland State University. Please contact Bernd Ferner at fernerb@pdx.edu for more information.

        Sponsors Wanted

        COFLT is looking for businesses, organizations and individuals to sponsor the workshops.


        Morning Session: Intercultural Competence

        At this hands-on workshop, attendees will analyze their lesson plans and classroom practices through the lens of intercultural competence. Attendees will then receive guidance and support as they use what they have learned to build and modify resources for their classroom that can be put to use immediately.

        Peggy Malec

        Morning Session: Customize your Language Materials with OER and AI Tools

        OER and AI tools are growing exponentially. In this workshop, we will survey a number of OER and AI tools that support  teachers building customized materials for: 1) teaching language for specific purposes; 2) working with less commonly taught languages and; 3) creating a more inclusive pedagogy. The presenters will walk participants through 5-6 specific tools by function (i.e., images, audio, etc.), give time to “test drive” each, and discuss alternatives. Participants should bring their own laptop.

        Jeff Magoto

        Dustin Robson

        Dustin has worked at the Yamada Language Center at the University of Oregon since 2021 as the Language Technology and Pedagogy Specialist. At YLC, Dustin manages the language center's technology and equipment, and works to stay current on the latest developments in educational technology that could assist the University's language teachers. Before joining YLC in 2021, Dustin has previously worked abroad teaching English in Vietnam, and in Japan. He graduated with an MA in Language Teaching Studies from the University of Oregon in 2020.

        Robert Elliot

        Zach Patrick-Riley

        Zach Patrick-Riley is an ESL Instructor at Clark College in Vancouver, Washington. Holding a Master's Degree in Language Teaching, a CELTA, and a BA in Psychology, Zach has spent 15 dynamic years working in the field. From teaching in Alaska's K-12 schools to language institutes in Brazil and teacher training in Kazakhstan, his journey shapes his belief in technology's vital role in education. Zach champions tools like ChatGPT to empower students' learning experiences both in and out of the classroom.

        Morning Session: Comprehensible Input

        Let's look at Dr. Stephen Krashen's contributions to our understanding of how people become proficient in languages and how his Natural Approach compares to traditional language instruction. What are the three keys to effective language instruction? This workshop includes demonstrations and explication of highly effective classroom activities you can use.

        Fred Stamps

        Originally from Colorado, Fred Stamps taught American Sign Language for 15 years at Edison High School in Beaverton, and he is in his seventh year of teaching ASL at Pacific University. He has also taught ASL at Portland State University, English in Japan and briefly in Poland, and is also currently teaching ASL at Vernonia High School. He graduated from BYU-Hawaii and earned a Master's in Education at PSU. His languages are English, Japanese, and ASL, and he is a student of Norwegian, ancient Egyptian, and Ukrainian. After he reaches his goals in those languages, his plans are to study Hawaiian, Tagalog, and eventually Spanish. He enjoys spending time with his family and friends and traveling.

        Afternoon Session: AI and Educational Tech Tools to Leverage Teaching Practices

        Discover educational technology and AI tools that will provide compelling input, increase student engagement, and allow for meaningful feedback to support student growth. Teachers will explore resources and specific activities that can be used to save time, provide flexibility, and enhance language instruction. From creating interactive cultural explorations to implementing project-based learning, educational technology has the power to transform classroom practices.

        Sherry Dickerson

        Sherry Dickerson is an accomplished Spanish teacher who is passionate about inspiring students to be global citizens who will make positive impacts in their communities and abroad. She incorporates a variety of instructional strategies that provide for real-world learning such as reading buddies at a local elementary school and a virtual exchange project with a school in Spain. Beyond the classroom, she has shared her expertise at conferences hosted by COFLT, PNCFL and IALLT. She is a current NEA Global Learning Fellow and was the 2023 COFLT Teacher of the Year.

        Afternoon Session: 21st century teaching: Blending traditional old-school methods with new, cutting-edge technology

        Participants will discuss current topics of interest such as open educational resources, experiential learning, curriculum and assessment design, integrating grammar and culture, and the presence of AI and other internet apps in teaching approaches. Participants will engage in both traditional and tech-driven activities during these discussions. In discussions and activities, participants will acknowledge and analyze the presence and impact of these technological approaches in the classroom. Discussions and workshop activities will involve ESOL, Spanish, French, German, and Japanese pedagogy but ALL language instruction is included!

        Ernesto Hernandez

        Originally from Nicaragua, Ernesto Hernandez grew up between Southern California and rural Vermont, and has taught language and culture for 20 years in both the US and in Morocco, Japan, France, and Chile. After 15 years in the ESL/EFL field, Ernesto has been teaching Spanish and French at Clackamas Community College since 2018. As a citizen of Nicaragua, the US, and France, Ernesto thoroughly enjoys belonging to several cultural and linguistic communities and practicing his increasingly rusty German and Japanese in addition to his main languages whenever he can.

        Afternoon Session: Exploring Innovative Practices: A Roundtable on Classroom Excellence in Language Education

        This roundtable is designed to be an exchange of ideas, offering a unique platform for educators to showcase approaches that have elevated language learning experiences. Our board members will steer the discussions, ensuring a focused and enlightening exploration of practices that have demonstrated success in diverse educational settings. Participants will be encouraged to share a pedagogical idea. 

        By the end of "Exploring Innovative Practices," participants will be equipped with an array of innovative ideas, a network of supportive colleagues, and a renewed enthusiasm for implementing transformative language learning experiences. Join us for a workshop that celebrates the spirit of innovation in language education!

        Moderated by COFLT Board Members

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