COFLT Board Members

Board members at our May 2020 virtual retreat. We can't wait to meet in person again. 

The COFLT Board is comprised of 5 elected and 1 appointed officers, 8 to 12 elected at-large members (representing K-16), as well as representatives from our affiliate language organizations. We also have representatives from the retired language teacher community. Our board represents all major languages taught in Oregon: including Spanish, French, German, Chinese, and Japanese, and all levels from K-16.

Executive Board    
 President Yoko Sakurachi Pacific University, Portland State University 2022-2023
 Past President Bernd Ferner Portland State University 2022-2023
 Vice President Tia Sharp Bellingham Public Schools 2022-2023
 Secretary Olivia Keister Vernonia High School 2022-2023
 Board Members   
 K-8 Representative Tia Sharp Bellingham Public Schools 2022-2023
 K-12 Representative Olivia Keister Vernonia High School 2022-2023
 9-12 Representative Alexis Buschert  2022-2023
 9-12 Repesentative Yoko Miwa Beaverton High School 2022-2023
 9-12 Representative   
 Post-Secondary Representative Stéphanie Roulon Portland State University 2019-2023
 Post-Secondary Representative Inés Warnock Portland State University 2020-2023
 Post-Secondary Representative Yasin Tunc Portland State University 2022-2023
 Affiliated Representatives   
 ATJO Representative Yoko Miwa Beaverton High School 2022-2023
 CLTA-OR Representative Sara Shotwell University of Portland 2022-2023
 OATG Representative Olivia Keister Vernonia High School 2022-2023
 Immersion Representative  
 PNCFL Representative 
 Yoko SakurauchiPacific University, Portland State University 2017-2023
OATF / OATSP Inactive Interested? Contact us! 
 Webmaster Alexis Buschert  

Contact COFLT:
email us: cofltoregon at gmail com
COFLT,  A-153, Pacific University, 2043 College Way, Forest Grove OR 97116
COFLT is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 

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