Certificate of Achievement

This award acknowledges exceptional language students as they graduate at every level from elementary school through university. By giving special recognition to these students, the award benefits them and helps raise awareness of the field of language learning which is so important to all of us.

Certificates of Achievement are awarded on an ongoing basis throughout April and May.  Please allow at least two weeks for the arrival of a requested Certificate.  Each school may give one award per language per year.  All nominations must meet the following criteria:

  • Nominee must be enrolled in the most advanced level of the second language offered at his or her school
  • Nominee must be in his or her final year at his or her school
  • Nominee must be active in extra-curricular activity associated with the study of language or culture (such as language club, exchange programs, etc.)
  • Nominee must be sponsored by a COFLT member at the nominating school.  The sponsor does not have to be the student's direct instructor.

Request a certificate!

Note: To ensure timely delivery of your certificates, please bundle requests from the same school.

All inquiries and contact regarding awards should be sent to: cofltawards@gmail.com

New for 2018 and following years: We will now be providing certificates of achievement in a pdf digital format for a faster turnaround and ease of your record keeping.

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email us: cofltoregon at gmail com
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