Oregon Language Honor Society

The Oregon Language Honor Society (OLHS) recognizes students of the middle and high school levels for not only their academic achievement, but also for their devotion to the study of any world language in the state of Oregon.

COFLT offers the OLHS in its current form as a secondary service.  This means that COFLT grants approved OLHS chapters and OLHS members the right to use the terms "Oregon Language Honor Society" and the COFLT name on resumes, scholarship applications, and job applications, as well as other informational materials relating to language study at the OLHS chapter's school; however, COFLT will not supply physical tokens of recognition such as certificates or graduation cords.

There are no fees associated with OLHS.  COFLT does not maintain a roster of active chapters or OLHS members; therefore, OLHS chapters must be re-approved each academic year.  Only one OLHS chapter need be approved for a given school, no matter how many languages are taught at that school.

• All students must be of the middle school to high school levels (6-12th grade)
• All students must hold at least a 3.0 overall GPA and a 3.5 GPA in their language(s)
• Students must at least be in their second consecutive year (in Middle-school or high school) of studying the same language
• Teachers must be COFLT members in good standing.
• Potential chapters must plan to complete a project involving one or more of the following 1) community service 2) promoting and educating others about their language 3) fundraising for their OLHS chapter. (Note: even though a project is required, teachers are free to design the project and decide the scale of the project, etc.) The deadline for these projects is the April 1 of the school year in which the OLHS chapter is seeking approval.

To request approval of an OLHS chapter, please write a short request letter including your proposed project to the COFLT Awards Chair.

Contact COFLT:
email us: cofltoregon at gmail com
COFLT,  A-153, Pacific University, 2043 College Way, Forest Grove OR 97116
COFLT is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 

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