2023 COFLT Fall Conference

"Reimagining, Reviving, Reframing

World Language Education"

University of Oregon

Eugene, OR

October 13-14, Friday and Saturday

There will be entertainment, COFLT Annual General Meeting, evening coffee hour, raffle, optional post-conference workshops, in addition to exceptional keynote addresses and presentation sessions.

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      Best Western New Oregon is offering a conference discount for $135/night for October 12 and 13. It's just one minute away by foot from the conference building, the Erb Memorial Union (EMU).

      Click the reservation link here or call 541-683-3669 and reference the COFLT ConferenceI. The number of rooms with this rate is limited. This offer ends on September 12 September 19 (extended!).

      Conference Address

      1395 University St, Eugene OR 97403 (EMU - Erb Memorial Union)

      Parking Information

      We suggest parking in one of the following UO garages on Friday: the 13th Ave Garage and the Millrace Drive Garage. The 13th Ave Garage is the most convenient, but most expensive. The Millrace Drive Garage is most affordable, but a 10-12 minute walk to the EMU. On Saturday, you can park in most campus parking lots for free, just watch signage carefully.

      13th Ave Garage
      1355 Columbia Street, Eugene OR 97403
      Located beneath the Ford Alumni Center, the 13th Ave Garage is accessed from 13th Ave and is the easiest place for visitors to find parking close to the center of campus. The 13th Ave Garage has a vehicle height limitation of 8'2".
      Garage Rate: $2.00/hr. Daily Maximum $18.00.
Only credit card payments are accepted at the garage exit, but the garage has centrally located kiosks which accept cash and credit card payments. There is no overnight parking in the garage 12am - 5am.

      Millrace Drive Garage
      1625 Millrace Drive, Eugene OR 97403
      The Millrace Drive garage is located next to the Knight Campus and is a six minute walk from campus. The Millrace Garage has a vehicle height limitation of 7'0".
      Garage Rate: $5.00/day Payment on entry, credit card only. Overnight parking allowed only with R-Garage permit. There is no other overnight parking in the garage 12am - 5am.

      Cancellation procedure

      If you need to cancel your conference registration, please send an e-mail to coflttreasurer@gmail.com and we will process your refund.  You will be charged a $15 cancellation processing fee per transaction.

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        Detailed Session Descriptions

        Conference material will be made available upon receipt from presenters

        Room Schedule

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        Conference Details at a Glance

        Friday Schedule

        8:15-8:45 Registration and snacks

        9:00-9:55 Keynote: Yasin Tunç

        10:00-10:55 Session 1

        11:00-11:55 Session 2

        12:00-1:25 Lunch and Performance Entertainment

        1:30-2:25 Session 3

        2:30-2:55 Visit the Exhibitors

        3:00-3:55 COFLT Annual General Meeting

        4:00-4:55 Respective Language Meetings

        5:00-5:55 Evening Coffee Hour "Let's talk about AI!"

        6:00- Award Reception

        Saturday Schedule

        8:15-8:45 Additional Registration and snacks

        9:00-9;25 Solar Eclipse Viewing

        9:30-10:25 Keynote: Leo Valladares

        10:30-11:25 Session 4

        11:30-12:25 Session 5

        12:30-1:25 Lunch and Exhibitor Raffle (Recognition of Language Associations)

        1:30-4:30 Optional Workshops

        *Schedule is subject to change.

        Professional Development Units (PDUs)

        • Professional Development Units (PDU) will be available at the conference.
        • One graduate credit will be also available from Portland State University. Please inquire at the conference or contact Bernd Ferner for information and requirements.

        Keynote Speakers

                Friday Keynote Address: "Rearticulating World Language Teaching beyond Activities, Methods, and Approaches: Grounding Teaching in Students’ Aesthetic Experiencing of Learning "

         Yasin Tunç (and Saturday workshop)

        Yasin Tunç is an Assistant Professor of Practice in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at Portland State University. Tunç teaches in the MA/MS Programs and Graduate Teaching Education Program (GTEP) in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction and leads secondary (pre-service teacher) cohorts. His work also includes professional development opportunities and workshops for teachers of less commonly taught languages (LCTLs). His scholarship is interdisciplinary, working at the intersections of cultural studies, comparative and international education, and critical studies in sociolinguistics and language teacher education. Tunç is a language teacher by training, starting his career as an English Language Teacher in Turkey in 2005; he also has taught Turkish as a world language in the US in various contexts and grade levels.

        Saturday Keynote Address: "Embracing Diversity: Promoting Languages and Cultures for a Harmonious Global Society"

           Leo Valladares (and Saturday workshop)

        Leo Valladares is an accomplished education professional currently serving as the coordinator and specialist for over 80 Spanish Dual Language Immersion programs in the state of Utah. With a wealth of experience in the field, Leo has made significant contributions throughout his career.

        Leo's journey in education began as a dedicated teacher, working with students at the kindergarten, elementary, and secondary levels. His passion for language education led him to become a district language coach, where he played a crucial role in enhancing language programs across various educational institutions.

        In his current capacity, Leo not only supervises language programs but also actively participates in curriculum development and pedagogy for secondary language programs across multiple districts in Utah. His expertise and insights have been instrumental in shaping effective language learning experiences for students. Leo has also taken charge of recruiting and training both local and international language teachers, ensuring the highest standards of instruction and cultural exchange in dual language schools.

        Recognized for his expertise in program establishment, training, and curriculum development, Leo has expanded his impact beyond Utah. He has served as a sought-after consultant for districts in Georgia, Arizona, Ohio, and Indiana, offering specialized guidance and support to those embarking on the journey of creating Dual Language programs.

        Leo Valladares is an influential figure in the field of education, committed to fostering bilingualism and multiculturalism within school systems. His dedication and experience continue to shape language education and contribute to the development of successful language programs across various regions.

          Saturday Workshops

          Option 1: "Designing language lessons for Intercultural Competence and Comparative Consciousness"

          with Yasin Tunç

          The session has the following objectives for participants: 

          • Articulate what intercultural competence and comparative consciousness is and why it is necessary for language learners in the 21st century

          • Understand and design language lessons and tasks toward intercultural competence and comparative consciousness at various proficiency levels

          • Create opportunities for language learners to explore, compare, reflect on cultural practices, perspectives, and products for developing intercultural competence and comparative consciousness.  

          • Understand and design assessment practices that integrate intercultural competence and comparative consciousness at various proficiency levels

          Option 2: Dual Language Immersion with Leo Valladares

          As DLI programs over the nation rapidly grow and the demands of more secondary DLI Programs become apparent, communities turn to the promises of successful and sustainable language programs, to meet the academic rigor, linguistic flexibility and intercultural competencies needed to prepare a competitive global workforce. This session will address the foundational pillars of Secondary DLI programs, and the infrastructures of support not only needed to ensure program quality and sustainability but solid transition from elementary to middle school and high school levels.  Different programs across the nation, including Utah, Georgia, and others will be used to illustrate these foundational pillars and infrastructures through guided analysis and group discussions.

          Attendees will:  

          1) Become familiar with the foundational pillars of a successful Secondary DLI programs 

          2) Understand the infrastructure of support needed to ensure true quality and sustainability in DLI Secondary programs over time.

          3) Explore the challenges of implementing a rigorous DLI secondary programs and possible solutions. 


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