2021 COFLT Fall Virtual Conference

The fall COFLT conference will be held online from October 8-9, 2021. This year's theme is "Moving Ahead Together."  There will be keynote speakers, recorded teacher-led presentations, live roundtable discussions (critical friends), and more!

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      Conference material will be made available upon receipt from presenters

      Conference at a Glance

      Note: the COFLT schedule has been collapsed to FRIDAY ONLY - For more details scroll below.

      Friday Schedule

      9:30-10:00 Welcome and COFLT updates

      10:00-11:00 Keynote Speaker 

      11:00-11:30 Exhibitor Coffee Break

      11:30-12:30 Critical Friends Group 1, Interactive Workshop

      12:30-1:30 Critical Friends Group 2, Round Table Presentation

      Professional Development Units Available for Attendance

      Additionally, Portland State University offers 1 credit available for $265.  Please inquire with COFLT Vice-President Bernd Ferner at fernerb@pdx.edu to be provided with the appropriate information and requirements.

      Keynote Speaker

              Friday Keynote Address: Roomies, Zoomies, and Everywhere In Between: Moving Ahead Together

       Meredith White 

      In this keynote, attendees will reflect on the lessons from the past year and a half with students, proficiency, priorities, and how it all fits together going forward. What went well that we've continued doing? What lessons did we learn as a result of a pandemic that would've benefited us before? What cracks in the system were illuminated, never to be ignored again? Meredith will reflect candidly on 1) what has changed, 2) what we can't go back to, and 3) what is currently working going forward. Framed in the context of planning, assessing, grading, and high-leverage habits, let's really talk about how we can move ahead together. 

      Thanks to our SPONSORS!


         "Why Teachers Love Wayside"     The World is Waiting                "To travel is to learn"

        Recorded Sessions

        Using Free Editable Japanese Textbook/Slides and Worksheets-OER Japanese materials for first-year college levels and high school students:  with Yoko Sato (Mt. Hood Community College)

        This presentation is geared toward high school and lower college level Japanese language teachers who are looking for free textbooks and workbooks that can be modified digitally with ease and be used on classroom screens immediately. The presentation will start with the benefits of Open Educational Resources, explanation of how the OER textbooks and worksheets are used at Mt. Hood Community College, how they are organized, and how they can be modified including how to give attributes. 

        COVID-19 Engineering Design Challenge 2020-2021: with Teresa Kennedy (University of Texas at Tyler)

        The Challenge follows the Phenomenon-Based Learning (PHBL) approach and provides students of all ages, with a platform to identify and design solutions to challenges and world-wide problems related to the pandemic. Students identify areas of need, brainstorm, design solutions, and community their designs. Students from 9 countries participated in the 2020 Challenge. Materials are translated into Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish, plus Japanese, Portuguese, and Turkish. Learn how to involve your language students in the Challenge this Fall! 

        Real World Opportunities to Boost Language Skills, Develop Cultural Awareness and Become World Citizens:  with Sherry Dickerson (Crescent Valley High School) 

        Learn how to leverage student language skills and link them to future growth by exploring free StoveTeam International Sessions for Spanish classes. Students learn cultural information about Central American Cultures, analyze the issues with open-fire cooking in homes and take action to help improve the lives of people in another country. Through this unit, students develop proficiency skills as well as cultural competence, allowing them to use their Spanish for more authentic purposes and to make a positive difference in the world. 

        We Are on Your(way)Side with Proficiency:  with Alexis Buschert (Wayside Publishing)

        Are you ready to transition from legacy practices to more proficiency-based ones? ACTFL's Core Practices are a great guide to follow when making a shift. Join us to learn more about how these practices are integral to Wayside Publishing's Spanish and French textbooks, EntreCulturas and EntreCultures, whether you use them as a stand-alone curriculum or a supplement to your existing one. 


        Live Session Schedule Details (Registrants will receive links to access the sessions in a separate email).

        2021 COFLT Fall Virtual Conference

        At-A-Glance Program

        Friday, Oct 8, 2021

        9:30- 10:00

        Welcome and COFLT Updates

        Sandra Terra (COFLT-President) and the COFLT-Board 


        Meredith White (Keynote): Roomies, Zoomies, and Everywhere In Between: Moving Ahead Together 

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        Exhibitor Coffee Break  

        11:30- 12:30

        Breakout Sessions 1 

        Interactive Workshop

        Developing an Open Source Textbook 

        Annabelle Dolidon (Portland State University)

        Presentation Language: English                         Target Audience: French/all languages 

        Critical Friends Group 

        Dual Language Immersion  

        Carrie Collenberg-Gonzalez and Kathleen Godfrey (Portland State University) 

        Presentation Language: English                          Target Audience: German/all languages 

        12:30 -1:30

        Breakout Sessions 2 

        Recorded Presentation /w Round Table

        Comprehensible Input or the Textbook? It can be Both!

        Alexis Buschert 

        Presentation Language: English                                      Target Audience: all Languages

        Recorded Presentation for workshop

        Critical Friends Group 

        How did we introduce Japanese to new Students after COVID?

        Yoko Miwa (Beaverton High School)

        Presentation Language: English/Japanese                             Target Audience: Japanese  

        11:30-12:30 Breakout Sessions Details  

        Developing an Open Source Textbook Annabelle Dolidon (Portland State University)

        Presentation Language: English                                                            Target Audience: French/all languages

        Interactive Workshop: I will present my last open source textbook as a platform to explain how to develop an open source textbook for the language classroom: caveats, advantages and disadvantages of open source versus with a publisher, and I will present arguments to address those who hesitate but want to publish an open source book. Although my book is for the French conversation classroom, I will present in English and focus on the process of developing this book, its structure and philosophy. All are welcome regardless of their language. In the roundtable discussion, we can exchange ideas about current needs in existing books, different approaches and content and I can offer advice based on my personal experience.

        Dual Language Immersion Carrie Collenberg-Gonzalez and Kathleen Godfrey (Portland State) 

        Presentation Language: English                                                              Target Audience: German/all languages

        Critical Friends Group: Dual Language Immersion, Objectives: Connect with others, share resources, and encourage collaboration.

        12:30 -1:30 Breakout Sessions Details 

        Comprehensible Input or the Textbook? It can be Both! Alexis Buschert

        Presentation Language: English                                                              Target Audience: all Languages

        Round Table with Presentation: Are you required to use a textbook or other curriculum that doesn’t align with your SLA values? We don’t have to make those difficult choices because it is possible to make that prescribed curriculum comprehensible and engaging for our students! This session will look at some of the pillars behind teaching with comprehensible input, how you can reconcile with a textbook or curriculum requirement, and some strategies to make your curriculum comprehensible to students while still focusing on target language use in your classroom.

        How did we Introduce Japanese to new Students after COVID? Yoko Miwa (Beaverton HS)

        Presentation Language: English/Japanese                                          Target Audience: Japanese  

        Critical Friends Group: Just as ATJO offers SAWAKAI - community building and sharing information, this session is for sharing tips to how we welcomed new students this fall, who gained interests in learning Japanese during COVID. Let's create a shared document that lists 'new normal' agenda, ideas, ABAR issue, and more! 

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